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mayo 2024
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For most of my life, I was employed by others. My career started at a flight school where I worked as an instructor, teaching aspiring pilots. Eventually, I advanced to first officer and then to captain. Throughout this period, I dreamt of owning my own business. I had several attempts at launching various projects, but every time I shared my ideas, they seemed to fall flat. To me, these projects were the best discoveries ever made by humankind, but they failed to capture the interest of others. These setbacks led to multiple business failures.

Determined to find success, I immersed myself in coaching courses, hoping to gain the skills needed to succeed in business. I decided to start a coaching service. However, I faced a new challenge: how could I sell something as intangible as a service? Unlike a product, a service cannot be seen, touched, or easily demonstrated. I struggled to convey the value of my coaching to potential clients. That’s when I discovered the VICTORY acronym, and everything changed.

Unlocking VICTORY: The Key Skills for Business Growth

The VICTORY framework provided me with a structured approach to selling my coaching services. Each letter in VICTORY represents a crucial skill that, when mastered, can significantly enhance business growth and success.

Value Creation

The first step was understanding how to create value for my clients. This meant identifying their needs and tailoring my services to meet those needs effectively. I focused on offering solutions that provided clear, tangible benefits, making it easier for potential clients to see the value in my coaching. By creating exceptional value, I made my services more attractive and compelling.


Next, I learned the importance of influence. Building strong, persuasive relationships with clients is essential in sales. I worked on developing my communication skills to positively guide my clients’ decisions. By establishing trust and demonstrating the benefits of my coaching, I was able to influence their choices in a positive and constructive way.


Collaboration played a significant role in my journey. I realized that achieving great things often requires teamwork. I started collaborating with other professionals, learning from their experiences, and leveraging their expertise. This not only helped me grow my business but also enriched my knowledge and skills.


Effective targeting was another critical component. I learned to focus my efforts on the right goals and markets. Instead of trying to appeal to everyone, I identified my ideal clients and concentrated my resources on reaching them. This targeted approach increased my efficiency and effectiveness, leading to better results.


Optimization involved continuously improving my processes and resource management. I analyzed my strategies and made adjustments to enhance my performance. By optimizing my time and efforts, I was able to maximize my productivity and achieve more with less.


Being results-oriented meant staying focused on obtaining measurable and meaningful outcomes. I set clear goals and tracked my progress, ensuring that I was on the right path to success. This focus on results helped me stay motivated and driven, even when faced with challenges.

Yielding Success

Finally, yielding success was about applying all these skills and strategies to achieve outstanding results. By embracing the VICTORY framework, I transformed my coaching business and achieved the success I had always dreamed of. My services became highly sought after, and I built a loyal client base that valued the benefits of my coaching.


My journey from being an employee to becoming a successful entrepreneur was not easy, but the VICTORY framework provided me with the tools and skills I needed to succeed. By focusing on value creation, influence, collaboration, targeting, optimization, results, and yielding success, I was able to turn my intangible coaching services into a thriving business. If you’re facing similar challenges, I encourage you to embrace the VICTORY approach and unlock your potential for business growth and success.


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